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Who are our customers?


Jackson Test Lab

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More than a Test Service

Are you feeling the squeeze of getting new products or that first product into the market place?

Has the reduced development time and increased cost presented a development nightmare for you?

After struggling for months or years to develop and launch a new product, nothing is more disappointing than having a failure in the marketplace because of a design flaw that should have been caught!

While companies often make claims of superior performance, how many can back them up with objective quantifiable data?




                                                                    HALT Chamber Setup


Who are our customers?                                   

bulletOur customers range from small companies to Fortune 500 firms.
bulletOur customers recognize the value of technology and product development
bulletOur customers are well managed and well organized.
bulletOur customers have a strong desire to grow their business and pride themselves on product excellence and customer satisfaction.

We want to work with the Entrepreneur or the small businessperson who is trying to market that first product!  Jackson Test Lab knows that you want the confidence in your products performance without the massive cost of making larger quantities of prototypes to do extensive costly product testing. Jackson Test Lab also knows that you are  looking for a cost effective way to control quality, as a production audit process, without destroying future profits.  We have the solutions to your problems and are eager to start working with you!

On Site Testing:

You may be in a position where you need to rent or lease a test chamber for on site testing.  Contact us to see what is available.  Rates are reasonable and we will work with you to meet your needs!






Reliability Testing of Refrigeration Compressors                                                                                                                                                                                                           


What we do.

We don't just offer a test service that exposes your product weakness.  We offer solutions to your problems and can help you in the up-front design.  You may be a "Startup Company" trying to launch a new product or perhaps you want to show your prospective customers that your product meets the design goals with objective quantifiable data. Your company might have grown so fast that the engineering and the quality part of your company could not keep up.  May be you are just confronted with a technical issue that requires a finite element analysis. You just need some help!

We can help you with the rapid design cycle and budget constraint problem by introducing you to HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test).  We also, specialize in solutions to heat transfer and mechanical design problems.  We model and design HVAC systems and are able to fabricate prototypes and at the same time test them for you.  Your problem may be in selecting the ideal lubricant for a HVAC application.  We can help you with that selection process with a defined test process. We can show your customer, with objective quantifiable data, that your product meets the design goal. We can Help!

You may require help building test fixtures or you may need to produce proof of concept and prototypes of you product.  We have the model shop and tool room available to help you. We can design, build and test that special prototype model to get you to the next level.  Our affiliate network provides a wide range of resources!  Jackson Test Lab does not just rely on our own ability to solve your problems, we are networked with a broad base of highly trained and qualified teams to reach out and select just the right expertise that you need.   Contact us for your next solutions to the  problems that you currently have today.


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